Yana zhovinsky | ICCE, CLEC, MS, MA

Of the many beautiful, sentimental, and perhaps frightening things I had heard about birth during my own pregnancy in 2016, this idea stood out the most: “the birth of a baby also signifies the birth of a mother.” This concept transcends generations, gender, journeys to parenthood (whether biological or adopted). This idea that when a child enters your life, in many ways, you are transformed into something completely new, something you have never been before, a kind of status that cannot ever be taken from you. I thought it was completely breathtaking, in lovely and anxiety-inducing ways. How was I going to take on a change so big, so new?

If you ever find yourself wondering the same thing on your journey to parenthood, childbirth preparation classes are fantastic way to connect with other parents-to-be and educate yourself about pregnancy, birth, and new parenthood. The purpose of these classes is to engage you in actively thinking about the kind of birth experience you want to have, provide you with a variety of options and tools, and empower you to make the best choices for your family. These are welcoming, engaging classes, catered to your specific needs, taking into account your personal history.

I am a single parent to a strong willed and exciting little girl who inspired a gentle shift in my professional life. Reflecting on my own pregnancy, labor, and birth, I decided to transition from teaching undergraduate psychology students to teaching childbirth preparation and lactation education classes. The ability to combine my excitement for teaching with the passion of birth work has been one of the many blessings that came with my daughter’s surprise arrival. I am a certified childbirth educator through ICEA (the International Childbirth Education Association) and am certified as lactation educator and counselor through UC San Diego Extension. I also hold masters’ degrees in Psychology and Sociology, all of which inform my teaching approaches and materials.

I offer private and semi-private childbirth and breastfeeding preparation classes in the comfort of your own home, throughout the greater Sacramento area. I also offer classes designed specifically with considerations for single mothers-to-be and bilingual classes in Russian, taking into consideration cultural traditions and practices that may affect your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum periods. I am deeply committed to supporting parents at any point on their path to parenthood and encourage you to reach out.

Wishing you a beautiful and healthy road to parenthood!

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