Tonya Bridges | DONA Trained

My name is Tonya Bridges and I am a DONA trained birth doula with many years of experience and education within the birthing community.  I have had 5 of my own unique birth experiences that have shaped who I am as a woman, mother and doula.  I believe strongly in the wisdom of a woman’s body to birth her child without complication when given education and a loving supportive environment, encircled about by those who love her and believe in her.  
Having been trained in HypnoBirthing, and studied in several other options, I offer many relaxation and labor coping techniques for the birthing mother.  My 
goal is to also assist and empower, rather than replace, her partner, in order to support her in best through each of the challenging stages labor brings.  
I also believe strongly that knowledge is power and key to successful natural birth, especially within the hospital environment.  Teaching a woman how her 
body works in labor, to trust her body’s wisdom and how to surrender fully to the process takes her a long way to resisting the fear which equates to pain in 
childbirth.  Essentially, replacing fear with knowledge and power.  
Birth is a beautiful natural yet transformative process, encompassing both physical and emotional transition in the journey to become a parent.  As a doula, 
I know well that a woman’s birth experience is an important event she will remember for the rest of her life.  Overall, my main goal as a doula is to help 
you have the birth you desire and to work on your behalf, holding a sacred space for you as you learn, labor, birth and bond together as a new family.  Many 
Blessings to you for a Healthy Birthing!