Tina Lyon | Birth Doula

My passion for birth began when I was pregnant with my first son at the age of 21. We were young, alone, and very unprepared! We took childbirth classes, but were not prepared for birth. It was a very long and difficult birth, but I walked away a new person. I began reading and researching…so I could understand how/what I could do next time to be more prepared and make my next birth the birth I had hoped for!..Three years later my daughter was born, but this time we were prepared. I knew my options. I was educated, and I knew how I wanted to give birth! I found a group of midwives, and together we had a very wonderful and uninterrupted birth. Those memories will be in our hearts forever! I can share that birth story with joy and not fear! My hope as a doula would be to take the fear out of birth so that you can share a birth story that will spread the joy of birth, not the fear.

I am the mother of six wonderful adults, and they have blessed me with five beautiful grandkids. I have been trained by DONA and also am a volunteer mentor doula at Sutter Davis Birthing Center. I am co-director of Welcome Home Doula Services, which i in the process of getting non-profit status with the goal of training doulas who can return to their communities and serve families directly.
I feel that I have not only the knowledge, but the wisdom to support and encourage families during this wonderful journey of childbirth.

I have had the honor of being present for well over 100 births and I have experienced many different and wonderful arrivals… water births, twin births, VBAC's and cesarian births…And they are all beautiful!

I believe that birth is beautiful and natural, but also unpredictable! Families should be educated, informed, and involved in the decision making process. I will support you in your choices so that your birth story will be told with love and joy!

At this time I am working with a partner, Erin Lovin, at Lovin Heart Birth. We have found that together we can serve our families best.