Tiffani Mooney | doula in training

My name is Tiffani Mooney, and I am a DONA-in training birth doula. As a mother of five, who birthed four and adopted one, I am passionate about family and motherhood. My wish for every birthing mother is that she feels supported in having a calm, confident, fearless birth.

When I was birthing my children, I experienced nearly every single medical intervention, not fully understanding that I had options. Today I am more fully aware of the scope of what birth can look like, and I’m in a position to offer that knowledge and support to others. Working in labor and delivery for a few years gave me an understanding of the language within the medical birthing community. More recently, I have found myself surrounded in a community of families who birthed naturally, many at home. I have learned the spectrum of what birth can look like, and it is this knowledge that I can bring to your birth. I speak the languages of both the medical environment and the birthing mom, and therefore I serve as a compassionate and knowledgeable ally for a woman and her doctor or midwife. I help a birthing mom understand information shared by medical staff and can emotionally support her to make decisions that feel best for her.

I want to empower women to choose the birth that fits best for them, and to do so without guilt or fear. There are many choices when it comes to birth, and many options available. Even with a hospital birth there are many options, from pain-management choices to un-medicated natural birth. Often in a hospital birth, families don’t know the range of what the process can look like. I want to empower a woman to know the details of what she is choosing, and how to navigate each step along the way to fulfill her personal birth plan. I help women go into birth with eyes open to the possibilities of the choices and how each decision can affect your birthing experience. I am here to help you understand what your choices are, and to support you to feel empowered making them free from fear and guilt.



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