The Root: Birth, babies beyond | Kellie Edson, ICCE, CLE, CpPD, RYT

There have been studies done on patients with late stage Alzheimer’s that concluded that the last images that will leave your mind at the end of life are the death of your parents…and the births of your children. Birth has that much a lasting and profound effect on us. My dearest hope for you as your childbirth educator is that you walk away from your experience feeling positively and like YOU were a part of the decision-making process. All births matter.

In the last 5 years I have supported families as an educator in two of our local major hospital systems. I have firsthand knowledge about the expectations and possible challenges couples may experience in the hospitals to achieving their desired birth. I also have experience and connection to many of our local home birth midwives and birth center options. I bring to my classes this knowledge combined with compassion and many, many additional trainings to support the families I touch. I am the owner and main educator at The Root. In that capacity, I teach childbirth preparation classes, breastfeeding and pumping classes, newborn care, postpartum preparation, prenatal yoga and postpartum yoga and fitness classes and more!

At The Root, it is our mission to provide education, support and resources to prepare expectant families in mind, body and heart to navigate birth, postpartum and new parenthood – with values of Education, Community and Inclusivity. The studio provides not only just the classes I myself teach, but many others and now hosts 8 FREE monthly support groups for different aspects of the Childbearing Year.

Personally, I am certified through ICEA and Birthing From Within trained for Childbirth Education. I have done over 80 hours of Lactation Education, first some locally and then certified through UCSD and studied under Gini Baker. I have completed the certified Postpartum Doula Training through Cornerstone Doula Trainings. I took Penny Simkin’s “When Survivors Give Birth / OP Baby” Training, am an Evidence Based Birth ® Professional Member and utilize much of their resources in my classes. I am a Registered Yoga Teacher with nearly 400 hours of TT, including trainings in Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, Chakras, Prenatal, Advanced Assisting and soon to be (as of Oct 2019) Trauma-Informed YTT. I wholeheartedly believe yoga is one of the best preparations for birth and I strive to create both strength and softening in those who experience my classes.

I would love for you to join our “Root Village” and to support you, wherever you are on your parenthood journey.

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