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Our California surrogacy agency is dedicated to serving all families, regardless of age, sexual orientation, marital status or location. All of our surrogates reside in Northern California in order to ensure that proper screening and support is a reality. Our full service agency is here to guide you through the entire process, every step of the way. We take care of our clients with knowledge and professionalism and will be here for you whenever and however you need us.  

We are dedicated to those we serve, and feel passionate about serving a limited number of families each year. This guarantees we have the time to provide a personalized experience. We will get to know you, learn your wants and needs, take you out to lunch, spend time with you, have a phone conference. You will never be lost in a large group of families. We will always have time for you.

We recognize the tremendous need for guidance, professional referrals, heartfelt support, and security for every party involved. Having been involved in both independent as well as agency arrangements; we acknowledge the reasons for both and are committed to allowing those utilizing our services to avoid the stress and complications of an independent journey. We feel called to helping create families, and feel strongly that the process can be difficult enough without having to directly deal with the potential confusion and discrepancies that may arise between Intended Parents and their surrogate. We believe the just right match is out there for each and every one of you and we are dedicated to making that possibility a reality.

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Contact Information


Sam Bruton, Surrogate Support Services Specialist

(916) 284-1914

Intended Parents

Kimberley Humble, Agency Owner/Coordinator

(530) 518-0421