Skye kucala | Birth Doula

Being the second eldest of seven children, it seemed as though I was always surrounded by pregnancy, birth, and babies! Needless to say, my passion for all things women’s health began at a young age. The specific vision and calling to become a Doula came to me after I gave birth to my son when I was just 18 years old. Without having a strong-willed birthing team and a midwife who believed in me, I am not confident that I would have ended up with the birth that I envisioned.

I received my training through the Sutter Davis volunteer Doula program and am now a mentor Doula at the Sutter Davis birthing center. Here I have found the deepest respect for birthing mothers of every background, age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religion, and so on. I am humbled to have attended hospital births, home births, water births, VBAC births, elective epidurals, unmedicated births, twin births, cesareans, and everything in between! It is well-known that every birth is extremely unique and unpredictable, but in my eyes every birth is as sacred and special as the next.

I strongly believe in owning YOUR birth story, whatever that may look like to you. I encourage every expecting mother to do what feels true to her heart and set the birth plan however she sees fit- not how society or other outside influences may see to it.
I am passionate about keeping the father/partner engaged and active in the birthing experience, and crushing the stigma that doulas take over the support person’s “role” in birth.

Aside from the full time job of motherhood, I am pursuing a nursing degree with the long-term goal of becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife. Outside of the birth world, I find joy in exploring new places, scouting out the best organic lattes, anything outdoors, and practicing yoga. Soon I will be certified to teach prenatal and postpartum yoga, and I am thrilled to share the effectiveness that meaningful, safe yoga poses have with my clients.

If you feel so inclined, I would love to chat all things birth with you to see if I am the Doula that fits your needs! It would be nothing short of an honor to be by your side in this transformative experience that is birth. Congratulations Mama!

“Let choice whisper in your ear and love murmur in your heart.
Be ready.
Here comes life”
-Maya Angelou



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