The breastfeeding Center 

Ruth Cummings, CNM, LS (IBCLC candidate) owns both The Breastfeeding Center and The Birth Center.  Our lactation support service group recognized a need in our community and decided to bring our breastfeeding services already offered at The Birth Center to the Sacramento region’s pregnant and lactating women and their babies. Tégan Fuller, RN, (Lactation Consultant Intern,) has been assisting breastfeeding mothers and babies for 2 years.  Janet Carroll, RN, PP Doula, CLC, has a long history of supporting new mothers and their babies have a successful breastfeeding experience. Jen Rode, Doula, CLC has dedicated over 14 years in assisting new mothers and their babies to be successful together in breastfeeding.  We offer cost effective, excellent care to any woman that needs added support and/or intervention in their efforts to breastfeed.  We are available 7 days per week during daytime hours to help. We have a 95% breastfeeding rate at 6 weeks postpartum with our birth clients and we want to bring that to other women in the community regardless of where they choose to give birth.