robynn paxton | doula in training

Throughout history, women have given birth with the support of other experienced women. The word “doula” means a woman who serves and I am so honored for the opportunity to serve you through this most special, transformative & exciting time in your life. The magic of women, birth & babies has always fascinated me. As a little girl I dreamed of helping women bring their babies into the world. When I was 15 I was able to be with my own mother when she gave birth to my brother. It was one of the most cherished & deeply impactful experiences of my life.

Twenty years later I gave birth to my twin daughters, Siena & Leah. I thought I was prepared for their birth. I was a yoga practitioner and knew how to breathe; I had great doctors and had had an amazing pregnancy - free of complications. I was induced at 38 weeks and was able to avoid a cesarean but it was a long & very difficult labor and delivery. I now know how much different it all could have been if I’d had the gift of a doula informing & assisting me.

After attending more births for friends and family, and working closely with my pregnant private yoga clients I felt deeply called to become a professional birth & beyond Doula. I have attended several trainings including the DONA birth doula training, childbirth education, breast feeding management, a Rebozo workshop and I will continue to learn all I can as I grow in this most rewarding and important field. I am in the process of completing my DONA certification and currently serve as a back-up doula to a wonderful experienced retired nurse & doula. I am also a certified yoga teacher, specializing in therapeutic, restorative and prenatal yoga.

I believe in education and the empowerment it brings as you find your way in an informed pregnancy and birth of your baby(ies). I believe in you and your natural ability to bring your baby(ies) into this world. Nothing is more sacred. I will support you no matter how or where you choose to give birth and will continue to share all I have learned with you. I am incredibly passionate about this work and so deeply grateful for the opportunity to connect with you.



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