rebecca namiki | postpartum Doula in training

Supporting mothers and their newborns as they adjust to their new life together is my passion. After the exciting experience of giving birth, mothers go home with their newborns to an intense period of transition. It is a precious time of building the bond that is the basis for a life-long relationship but, as with anything worthwhile, it can also be a very challenging time. It is my joy to provide support, encouragement, practical help and information as needed so that mother can enjoy this time with her new baby rather than becoming exhausted and overwhelmed.

I have three adult children and two grandchildren. My experience of giving birth in Japan and being there for my daughter’s “fourth trimester” when she had her babies in Scotland has made me aware of different approaches to handling the crucial time of adjustment for mothers and their newborns. I have always enjoyed providing support to any new mothers I encountered in my life thus far, but when I was introduced to the role of postpartum doula while in Europe, I knew I had found my niche. Now that I am retired, I can devote my time to doing what I love to do best.

In addition to my practical experience, I received training by a certified DONA trainer recently, and am now working towards gaining certification through DONA International. It would be a privilege and joy to partner with you in making the beginning of your newborn’s life a sweet time of bonding for you both.




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