Rafeal Newport-Hewitt  | Birth Doula, MA, Sex educator, Family Planning certificate


My name is Rafeal (pronounced Rah-fee-L)

I became a certified Doula in 2007 and practiced full time as a full spectrum Doula, Child Birth Educator and childcare provider for 3 years. I then became a operations manager for chiropractic offices specializing in family care and making my final stop as a Community Programs Coordinator at Women's Community Clinic.

Over the years I have worked with many families in the hospital, birth center and at home. Each time I have worked with the family to walk through questions, prep, support after the birth and walking with the family through the ups and downs that come with having a baby.

I lived in the Bay Area for 33 years and have been in Sacramento for 4 years and this city is so charming .

I bring experience, cultural inclusion, holistic approaches to care, respect, love and passion for birth work. I support families in having an empowered birth from an informed place. I believe with information and trust building we can co-create a beautiful birth for you and your family.

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(916) 629-4844