nora meade | postpartum Doula

Hello! And congratulations on this exciting, beautiful and tender time; welcoming a new life into your family. I am a postpartum doula, offering practical and caring support to families in their fourth trimester, empowering you in your own unique parenting and bonding with baby!

It is my belief that every family should have access to postpartum support. The first few weeks after birth are a tender time. Recovering emotionally and physically from birth, family bonding with baby, finding sleep and feeding rhythms; these are all an of course, but there can also be so much that unexpectedly arises whether this is your first or fifth baby! I support families through whatever may arise and advocate for the appropriate and best care to be given.

I began my journey toward being a postpartum doula in 2016. The moment I learned what the role of a postpartum doula was I knew it was what I wanted to be offering to families. After years of working with families and babies this is what had been missing for me, this doula role was what I was called to. I immediately found the next DONA training and enrolled. In 2018 I was able to structure my life so I can make this work my focus.

We all come into this world as unique individuals, and each family is unique! I look forward to celebrating your family's individuality and extraordinary beauty at this miraculous time - welcoming in a new life!



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