Nataly bates | birth photographer

This is an experience that you will always remember. Nataly’s photography style captures the essence and tenderness of childbirth by taking photographs that you will feel comfortable showing to your family and friends.

You don’t give birth every day: When women are laboring they don’t get to appreciate a lot of what’s happening around them… The way their partner holds them, their reactions when they finally see their baby, the walks around the block, and all the little moments that make this journey so intense and memorable. As they go through the photos, so many clients say things like ” I forgot about that!” or “I didn’t even notice you were there!”

A lot of moms don’t want to have birth photos done because they will “look awful” during labor, but here is something to remember: Birth is raw and empowering. You will never relive this moment again. You look fine! You are giving birth; you are beautiful because you are doing something amazing!

Nataly is a proud member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers.