Melissa August | BS, CFMT, LMT

Since Melissa August was seven years old she wanted to become a Veterinarian. She graduated from U. C. Davis with a degree in Animal Science and Management and worked at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital as a Registered Veterinary Technician. When she decided to learn massage therapy to help older or injured and recovering animals, she figured that she better learn on people first because she thought people would give better feedback than animals. (Which is not true!)

In the third class she learned about the power touch really has through the “Rescuing Hug” story of twins Brielle and Kyrie Jackson.

Against hospital policy nurse, Gayle Kasparian, put the twins together in the same incubator after hours when the doctors had gone home. Brielle was not expected to live, but when the strong sister put her arm around her, the heart rate and temperature went back to normal, and she lived! Melissa’s passion changed to massage for parents and babies that day. In 2010 Melissa’s dream came true when her wonderful high school sweetheart husband and her had their gorgeous son, JB. Then after working as a Veterinary Technician for 16 years, left the vet school, and became a full time Family Massage Therapist.

Melissa has specialized training in Pregnancy Massage. After baby is born she invites parents to bond with their newborns by having postnatal massage sessions with them up until the time baby crawls (at about three months of age). She is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI® through the International Loving Touch of Foundation) and teaches parents and caregivers how to massage their infants. Her background in Veterinary Medicine has given her a great understanding of anatomy, physiology, and a little pharmacology. She is continually taking continued education courses to better serve her clients.

Melissa has been a certified in massage therapist since 2004 and with Dynamics Hair and Massage Studio at the heart of downtown Davis since October 2005. She is licensed for massage in the city of Davis and has a massage practitioner’s license through the state of California (lic. #18681); she belongs to the American Pregnancy Massage Association, and is fully insured through American Bodywork & Massage Practitioners.

Melissa will help you relax with one of several massages including Relaxation Swedish, Hot Stone, or Chair Massage. If you have muscle pain or an injury, consider Deep Tissue or Sports Massage for a quicker recovery. Melissa August's top priority is caring about her clients' diverse needs and wants, and brings many repeat customers. Her goal is to provide a comforting cozy space so when someone walks in, they feel they are in a healing sanctuary. She communicates with each individual upfront about what she should focus on, and strives to be centered and intuitive enough and feel the muscle or scar tissue that needs work. She tries to sense the perfect amount of pressure, allowing each muscle fiber to melt back into a normal perfect physical state, and bring blood flow back into the area. She strongly encourages feedback during sessions.

Everyone may benefit from massage, which eases the body's pain through kneading, stretching and relaxation of muscles. Come in and allow her to help reduce your stress and relieve your muscle pain. Melissa recommends making reservations for desired times, but welcomes walk-ins Sunday through Thursday. Life has lead Melissa August to become a healer for people, and the healing for animals may be combined in her practice in the future.



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