Megan hamzawi | bradley instructor

My husband and I high-fived just minutes after our son was born, and shortly after that, we shared a victory slice of birthday cake. Within a week of giving birth, I was already planning a future career as a childbirth educator. That’s how excited I was about our empowering birth experience, and that’s the enthusiasm for childbirth that I bring to class every day.

I am proud to be a certified instructor for The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth, nationally respected as one of the most comprehensive and hands-on classes available to expecting families. I also maintain a professional membership with Evidence Based Birth to ensure that my students receive the most current medical research. Over the course of 12 packed weeks, a woman and her chosen labor partner receive practical and interactive training in topics such as:

Exercise for a more comfortable pregnancy & recovery

Nutrition for a low-risk pregnancy

Physical and emotional signposts of labor stages

Labor coping & coaching techniques

Mental, physical, & emotional relaxation for all stages of labor

Medical research, childbirth options, & informed consent

Birth planning for all potential outcomes

The health benefits of physiologic birth

Postpartum recovery, newborn care, & breastfeeding hurdles

My birth philosophy is grounded in respect for the body’s innate ability to grow and birth babies, and I strongly believe that supporting the body’s natural processes, even in the case of complications that merit medical attention, provides the greatest emotional and physical benefits with the lowest possible risks to both birthing person and baby. Recognizing that childbirth is a transformative and individual experience, I encourage active participation in all decision making. It’s important to me that students leave class well educated in the full range of their birth options and the latest evidence based recommendations for maternal care. Such thorough and unbiased education ensures that expecting families feel empowered to navigate any birth scenario with confidence, resulting in high birth satisfaction.

Class enrollment is limited to ensure that all students receive one-on-one training and support, both in and out of class. Private and in-home sessions are available upon request. I look forward to sharing a life-changing trimester with you!

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