Megan hamzawi | Childbirth Educator

My husband and I high-fived just minutes after our son was born, and shortly after that, we shared a victory slice of birthday cake. Within a week of giving birth, I shifted careers and registered for my first childbirth educator certification program. That’s how excited I was about our empowering birth experience, and that’s the enthusiasm for childbirth that I bring to class every day.

It makes sense, then, that the primary goal of my "Confident Birth" series is not just a healthy birth, but an empowered birth experience!

Group Classes: Through group discussions, hands-on training, research reviews, one-on-one consultations, and a lot of humor, I will leave you and your labor partner feeling confident and excited about the birth process. Drawing from my experience as a parent, an active doula, and a non-medical birth professional, my unbiased approach to childbirth education will equip you with the tools to evaluate the quality of your maternal care, including the self-assurance and language to advocate for evidence-based services. My students retain high birth satisfaction as a result of their active, educated participation in their birth outcome. Class enrollment is limited to ensure that all students receive one-on-one training and support, both in and out of class.

Private Classes: Busy work schedules can make it hard to prioritize a childbirth class. Private and in-home sessions are available upon request.

Training: I completed my first childbirth educator certification with The Bradley Method, with subsequent training through Childbirth International, Evidence Based Birth, Stillbirthday, and Spinning Babies. I teach a class that is uniquely my own.

You deserve to have a confident birth experience! I look forward to sharing an exciting trimester with you.

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