Meet the Doulas

Meet the Doulas is a quarterly event held by the Capital City Doula Collective. The goal of the event is to bring awareness and information about the benefits of having a doula to pregnant women and their families.  These events are also a great way for women and men to learn more about their birth options and meet other birth professionals, in addition to doulas, which can benefit them during pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum and parenting. Lastly, any persons looking to hire a doula have the opportunity to speak with many doulas at the event and find that perfect doula for them.

We provide refreshments, drinks and entry into our raffle for wonderful prizes!

The event is usually broken up into 3 major parts:

  1. A presentation in which the basics about doulas and their role in your pregnancy, labor, and birth are discussed as well as the role of a postpartum doula.
  2. A series of skits providing several birthing scenarios acted out by doulas within our collective. These skits are an excellent way to illustrate what a doula does and  how a doula works closely with you and your birthing team either at home, at the birth center or at a hospital. We've gotten some great feedback regarding our skits and now consider them to be both a treat and highlight of the event!
  3. A period to meet and greet. This is your opportunity to speak with some of the doulas (or Preferred Affiliates ), ask a few one-on-one questions, and schedule a private consultation to interview with them at a later time. 

 To find a time and location convenient for you please check our Event Calendar or the link below.