Krysta Dancy | MA, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Congratulations on your newest addition! Pregnancy, childbirth and parenting are some of the most meaningful and challenging life transitions. In a picture-perfect world, it goes beautifully and smoothly. For some of us the reality is that the transition is harder than we expected and we need some extra support.

Pre-existing trauma can impact the way we experience birth. Trauma from our birth experience can impact our parenting and closest relationships. My expertise is in the intersection and impact of trauma and birth. I utilize effective and evidence-based techniques (like EMDR and Brainspotting) to resolve PTSD and trauma symptoms so you can get back to being yourself again.

I educate therapists, providers and birth professionals about this truth: trauma steals you from yourself and your loved ones but it doesn't have to. Trauma is highly treatable and can be quickly healed with the right approach. My deepest desire is to see you return to your best, most loving and connected self. The self you truly are.

Please see my website for more details- location, fee, and more about me and my training