kim burris | Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Hey Mama. I’m glad you’re here. There is nothing more important, challenging and rewarding as this motherhood journey. It’s also a path filled with unexpected twists and turns, challenges and stress. My name is Kim Burris and I am a Holistic Psychotherapist that specializes in supporting mamas through the journey of motherhood from pregnancy through postpartum. I help moms find new ways of being in the world with less stress and more joy.

If you are pregnant and preparing for birth, I can help you process lingering mental and emotional stress, and create some space and strength for whatever the birthing experience will bring you.

If you are a new mom and feeling stressed, confused, overwhelmed or struggling with more severe symptoms of anxiety, depression or ptsd, I can help you process and integrate your experiences, craft a self-care plan for alleviating your symptoms and support you as you grow into your new role as a mother.

As a licensed marriage and family therapist with a background in yoga psychology and meditation, I offer evidence based treatment with a heart centered approach. I see clients in person in my El Dorado Hills office as well as online and have morning, evening and weekend appointments available. In addition to psychotherapy I also offer a therapeutic drop-in postpartum support group on Saturday’s in El Dorado Hills.

If you are wondering how my practice can support you please just give me a call or text to chat. Change, growth and healing is possible, and it starts with taking just one step.

I truly look forward to accompanying you on this journey.



(916) 467-9539