Kaelyn Crenshaw  | SBD Doula, CMT, CIMT

My name is Kaelyn Crenshaw. I am a Full Spectrum labor and Birth Doula, Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Infant Massage Therapist, Rebozo Certified and also Lactation Educator.

In my journeys to becoming what I am today, i am always amazed in what the human body can do to its best abilities. I believe that being equiped with the right information in the right time the human body and mind can accomplish all things. Through helping others with Massage, Birth and Life after I strive to help clients in every asspect of thier lives. You are born with a gift why not run with it and make it your passion in life : )

"Kaelyn has been a working professional in the Sacramento community since the year 2010.Starting off with Massage, Kaelyn graduated Anthem College with her Massage certificate of 890 hours and worked closly after with a massage therapist from India, expanding her knowledge in the Eastern and Western Practices. Continuing to expand her knowledge she was born into being a Birth and labor doula as her nieces were born, where she was able to attend and jumped into the trade of being a doula for her clients as well in 2014. With her neices growing she started massaging them as they grew and later trained to be a infant Massage Instructor in 2014. Kaelyn considers herself a lifelong student and is always wanting to expand her knowledge in different ways from Massage and Energy work techniques, to lactation knowledge and Child Birthing techniques."