Julia piazza | prenatal / postpartum yoga instructor

Julia Piazza has been a labor and birth doula since 2002.  She trained and worked as a volunteer doula for Sutter Davis Birthing Center and completed her DONA National Doula Certification in 2004.  Julia’s passion is creating Sacred Space for Moms to “breathe and feel”  their unique birth power and wisdom,  which led to her completion of a 200 hour teacher training and an 85 hour Prenatal Vinyasa Teacher Training Both accredited through Yoga Alliance.  Julia’s Birth Wisdom Prenatal Yoga classes are designed to prepare moms mentally,  physically and spiritually for labor,  childbirth and mothering. In each class, students will explore the poses as a pathway for wisdom in the various stages of labor, and to release and soothe normal ailments in pregnancy, such as Sciatica Pain, Lower Back Pain,  Pubic Bone Symphysis,  Hip Soreness, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Circulation. Special emphasis on how to avoid creating a Diastasis Recti and support the abdominal muscles during the prenatal and postpartum period. 

The latest recommendations and exercises for Pelvic Floor Strengthening and toning based on Leslie Howard's Yoga and the Pelvic Floor research and studies at Harvard included. Proper alignment and modifications for poses are the foundation of each flow. Students receive on going pregnancy and labor preparation support through weekly meditations,  visualizations, affirmations and journaling.  

The energy of Birth Wisdom Yoga classes is nurturing,  guiding students in every moment to listen to what feels good for them and to “soak up”  the Sacred Space of pregnancy and mothering.