judy terwilliger | clinical rn therapist

Registered Nurse with 36 years across a broad spectrum of areas whose passion is to help moms and babies connect in their breastfeeding journey. She and her team of therapists accomplish this through her unique functional mobility therapy called Pediatric Bowen™ using her Functional Bowen Method™.

Often times through a stressful pregnancy, labor and/ or delivery muscles tighten a little or a lot causing "Hidden Barriers" that cause a breastfeeding struggle. Her sense of satisfaction comes from the restoration of this precious connection. She is ever studying to enhance what she / her staff knows and from home births to the NICU environment she is "at home".

The mother of three grown adults her experience spans three decades. "Being a mom made me a better nurse, being a nurse made me a better therapist." We are there for prenatal & postpartum relief for moms as well. Read her formal CV here. Her formal CV is available on her web site.