Jillian Van Ness | CMT #62868, Watsu® Aquatic Massage Practitioner, CIMT, CPMT

Congratulations on your growing family! My name is Jillian Van Ness and as a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT), Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT), Pediatric Massage Therapist (CPMT), and Watsu® Aquatic Massage Practitioner, I am here to help you and those you love most to live your happiest, healthiest lives. I love working with expecting and new mothers, couples, and infants/children both in the warm-water pool and on land, and am excited to offer Sacramento-area families unique opportunities to receive relaxation, pain relief, emotional support, and tools to empower wellbeing.

A life-long student of health and healing, I discovered my true passion in the water in 2011 and trained to become a Watsu® Aquatic Massage Practitioner in Washington State through the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association (WABA). I currently practice in a warm-water pool in Davis and serve as an assistant instructor for Watsu® Levels 1& 2 at the Harbin School of Healing Arts. With 550+ instructional hours in adaptive massage and aquatics, I place a high priority on safety and maintain certification as a Red Cross Healthcare Provider in CPR and First Aid.

Over the years, I have found Watsu to be an ideal modality for pregnant women, especially during the second and third trimester. Imagine being weightless, floating in a warm, body-temperature pool as you are gently stretched from head to toe. As your body changes and grows, regular Watsu sessions provide a safe and uniquely nourishing environment for both you and your baby to enjoy. From back pain/sciatica and swelling, to insomnia and emotional anxiety, the water is the perfect environment within which to treat and support your body and mind as you prepare for labor/delivery and parenthood. Typically only available at high end spas and retreat centers, we are so lucky to be one of the few cities in the country with access to a pool designed and built just for Watsu!

For babies and toddlers, Infant Massage is an incredible tool taught to parents and caregivers that can help your baby with everything from gas, indigestion, and colic, to bonding, crying, and even falling asleep faster and sleeping longer. Touch is the very first sense to appear in utero, and is the sense which is most developed at birth. As your baby’s first form of communication, healthy, nurturing touch through Infant Massage meets his/her need for physical contact, affection, security, stimulation, and movement. Plus, classes are fun and a great way to connect with other parents and children in the community!

One of the highlights of my week (aside from seeing all my incredible and cuddly clients) is volunteering with SNAP Kids (Special Needs Aquatics Program) in Berkeley and the Pediatric Palliative Aquatics Program at George Mark Children’s House in San Leandro. I have big dreams of starting a special needs aquatics program for kids right here in Sacramento in 2016, as the water brings so much joy, freedom, and healing to children and their families.

In addition to my career in land and water massage, I studied to be a Music Therapist and Ropes Course Facilitator, and weave my love for children’s songs, play, and spontaneity into all my sessions with children and families.

Please visit my website for more information about me and the services I provide, or to schedule a free consultation. I hope you will join me in the water or in class soon, and I look forward to connecting with and serving you and those you love most!