jessica little | doula in training

Birth is a turning point in every mother's life where two new souls emerge from the womb - mother and baby. I am here to support your choices, your story, and your birth.

As a doula I work in partnership with the birthing person to provide physical, emotional, and educational support throughout pregnancy and beyond. I employ tools from yoga, nutrition, and nature to support the birth process, the mother, and the family.

My interest in birth started with a litter of puppies in high school, and continued with the birth of my own children. I have come face to face with the transformative power of the birth process in both the medical and home birth settings.

My doula training was completed through Hearts and Hands Midwifery Intensives, and I will complete the advanced course in June 2017.

I am mother to a spirited blonde one and chunky bald one, soccer player, outdoor adventure seeker, yoga student and teacher.

It is the greatest honor, and the greatest responsibility to witness the birth of mother and child. I look forward to meeting you soon!