Jennifer kelley | Birth doula, CBE

Congratulations…YOU’RE PREGNANT!

My name is Jennifer Kelley, I am a birth doula trained through a certified DONA trainer. 

I have always felt so passionate for everything birth related. Welcoming a new life to this world and sharing their “birth-day” is so amazing! Throughout my life I have always known I wanted to be part of this magical time and I found that being a birth doula is what I was destined to do.

My goal as your birth doula is to provide you with non-judgmental, compassionate, emotional and physical support to empower you to have the birth you desire and deserve. I will be your advocate and provide you with evidence based information to enable you to make informed decisions regarding your labor and birth. I will support your partner through this journey as well.

Birth is exciting, empowering, and can even be a little scary…but most of all blissful. I would feel honored to be part of this life changing path to parenthood.


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