Janet Carroll | RN, CLC, CDP(DONA)

Janet brings a wealth of wisdom and experience to her clients. First trained as a birth doula in 1992, she has since attended over 550 births. She added Bradley Method childbirth classes to her services in 1996, and provided in-home postpartum care to scores of families. She became a registered nurse in 2007. Then, in 2009, she became a certified lactation counselor, CLC, and a certified postpartum doula with DONA.

She's been married since 1987, and has two adult children. Janet is a natural nurturer, helping new moms and families adjust to the changes a new baby brings. Clients say that Janet seems to know their needs before they ask, and demonstrates new baby skills with care and sensitivity.

She offers both day and night care and works with multiples and babies with special or high needs as well. She will travel to far locations to help you with your postpartum needs.

Janet Carroll is now serving Northern and Southern California as a baby nurse and postpartum doula.