Janel Silva | CD(DONA), ICCE

My name is Janel Silva. I am a DONA certified doula, ICEA certified childbirth educator, Rebozo Certified and completed a Midwifery Assistant workshop at The Farm. I am currently pursuing my certification as a Lactation Consultant and will be taking births again starting summer of 2017.

Nine years ago I was fortunate enough to give birth to a beautiful baby boy and thanks to the unwavering support from my loved ones and my doula, I was able to make it through a challenging pregnancy and labor. Not only did I gain confidence as a woman and become a mother in the process, I also realized I wanted to help other women as they came to this crossroads in life. I will never forget my birth story nor will you forget yours. It is my wish to help you and your family make it a positive and life-affirming event AND one where you feel you made the decisions regarding your birth.

You and your partner deserve to be fully informed about the birth process to ensure you are making the best choices for you and your baby. Every family is unique and every labor is different. As your doula it is my job to support you and your birth choices with respect, encouragement and kindness.  You have the power within you to birth your baby. I continue to be in awe of this power and a woman's ability to create life. It is always an honor to be present in the face of such magic.