isabel bennett | IBCLC, NCS

Isabel Bennett IBCLC, NCS, and postpartum doula

My name is Isabel Bennett. I am an international board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC), newborn care specialist (NCS) and near completion of requirements for my postpartum Doula certification (DONA). I consider myself to be a lifetime student, and am always seeking new education opportunities.

My journey started 10 years ago as I completed my training as a lactation consultant. I have been in private practice as a lactation consultant for nine years.
My love for helping families Is what led me to becoming a postpartum doula.

I enjoy supporting post partum families in many unique situations. I have helped families who are breast-feeding, bottlefeeding, and combo feeding. I love supporting and educating mothers and families during their postpartum journey.

I am available for day and night doula support, as well as in home lactation consultations.