gemma mrizo | CD(DONA)

Congratulations on this amazing journey! I’m so excited for you and applaud you on researching Doulas for your upcoming labor.

This journey is a personal one to me. I had a Doula at all three of my births and I was blown away at how necessary she was each and every time. I leaned on her in different ways for my first vs. my third but I couldn’t have imagined laboring without both she and my husband by my side. My first birth had plenty of unwanted interventions and some not so fabulous turns and my doula never left my side, never judged me when I called for the epidural and most importantly, helped me navigate the medical system so that I would come out feeling victorious. I went on to birth two more babies, without the epidural, and each labor was unique with its lessons of power and surrender. All three births left me feeling in awe of my own strength and I’m now driven to help all women find their inner Wonder Woman.

It's not about what interventions you want or don't want. It isn't about home birth vs. hospital birth. It's about being an educated and active participant in your personal birth experience so that your voice can be heard. As a DONA Certified Doula, I'm there to educate, support and honor your choices without judgement. It is my goal to help you feel empowered, so that you feel confident in speaking your truth. You deserve this.

In addition to being a birth doula, I am also working towards becoming a Lactation Educator and eventually a full blown IBCLC so that I can best support my clients with their nursing needs.

I would be honored to be part of this transformation. This is the day a parent is born.



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