gabrielle menn | Birth doula, AAHCC

A woman’s ability to grow a new little human is incredible. 

A woman’s ability to birth that new little human is awe-inspiring.

It is truly amazing what the body can do when the mother is physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared to birth her baby!

My name is Gabrielle Menn. I’ve been certified as a childbirth educator and doula with the Bradley Method since 2003.  I am an Evidence Based Birth Professional Member and have studied with Stillbirthday, the Institute for Birth Healing, and Spinning Babies.  It has been a privilege to help over 400 “graduates” and attend over 100 births in all varieties and settings including hospital, home, operating room for cesarean, epidural, twins, breech, all-natural, water birth, in-the-car birth, induced, premature, postdates, all healthy and normal, high-risk, low-risk, premature-premature rupture of membranes, en caul, unexpected diagnosis, fast births, prodromal labors, teen mom, “older mom”, military deployed dad, first baby, sixth baby...  quite the range of experiences.  92% of my clients have natural births.

I have three children of my own: a high-risk hospital birth after the baby was diagnosed in utero with a brain anomaly; an almost-born-in-the-car super easy and fast labor; and a fast planned home birth.  All were born spontaneous, unmedicated, vaginal, natural, normal.  As a Bradley Method student during my first pregnancy, I was educated and informed of my birth choices, which inspired confidence in my ability to birth and led to an empowering experience that benefitted myself and my baby.

Every mother deserves to be supported, comforted, reassured, reminded, and cared for in an environment that allows her to feel safe so that she may welcome her newborn without fear.  I offer physical, mental, and emotional support; to be your ‘walking encyclopedia’ of options; protector of your space.

Photo credit: Kim Gunter