gabrielle menn | the Bradley method, AAHCC

If you want a natural birth, I’m your go-to girl!

If you’re not sure if you want medication or an epidural, I’m here to help you navigate your choices and options.

If you want to keep an open mind to “seeing how it goes”, come and learn with me.  Let me fill your tool box with a variety of effective coping mechanisms and relaxation techniques.  Most of my students find them to be so effective that they don’t feel a “need” for drugs.  How many?  92% of my students go on to have natural births.

My first birth story is one of triumph.  I overcame fear of pain, fear of something ‘that big coming out of a hole that small’, fear of the unknown, fear of whether or not I was making the right decisions.  How?

The knowledge that I acquired from my Bradley Method classes:

- taught me to ask educated and researched questions of my high-risk birth team

- informed me of the pros and cons of the choices that I had

- gave me confidence in my body’s ability to birth normally

- prepared my husband and I to work together to cooperate with the natural process of labor and birth

- provided me with coping tools, relaxation techniques, and labor positions that prevented pain and allowed me to give my daughter the type of birth that she needed

Knowing how different things could have gone inspired me to share the benefits of natural birth with others.  I became a certified childbirth educator and doula with the Bradley Method since 2003.  It has been a privilege to personally help over 400 “graduates” and attend over 100 births in all varieties and settings.

Curious about the Course Content?  Please visit my website for class descriptions.  The Bradley Method has been established since 1965, helping over a million families experience the joy of natural birth.  Evidence based. Experience based. Proven by generations.

Photo credit: Kim Gunter