francesca stenard | doula in training

"I am a New York native currently living in Northern California with my husband who is a writer and an officer in the US Air Force.

I am a firm believer that women and their bodies know how to birth babies. Our bodies were made for this purpose and we need to step back and trust in the process. I also believe that the way we are born matters. Our time in utero is sacred and the way we are born is just as significant. It is our introduction into this world and it can leave a powerful impression on us for the rest of our lives.

As far back as our history can take us, there is a line of strong, capable women giving birth and supporting each other. That line leads all the way down to you and to me. I would be honored to support you in your journey to extend that line a little further.

As your doula, I will provide you with emotional, physical, and compassionate support during this, your greatest journey. I am passionate about the beneficial properties of essential oils in childbirth and am trained in acupressure for birth.

I support all kinds of families including single parents, LGBTQ+, adoption, & more! I look forward to supporting and encouraging you on your magnificent journey through pregnancy & birth. Congratulations! "