cristiane livsey | doula in training

I believe birth can be a powerful and beautiful event that shapes a woman's life. After the birth of my son, I felt drawn to helping other women and their families welcome this transformation with confidence and joy.

I am trained as a marine biologist and my first love was the ocean. I am fascinated by all God's creation, from the flash of a fish, to a simple flower, to the beauty of an expecting mother. After working for non-profit organizations and as a community college instructor, I felt ready to welcome a new season that fully engages my mind, heart and hands.

As a doula, I bring a gentle, kind and reassuring presence to help you trust the process of birth. I help you navigate decisions about birth plans and pain management by providing evidence-based information, always allowing your voice to be heard.

I have completed a DONA approved training workshop, and am in process of becoming DONA certified. I also work as a volunteer doula at Sutter Davis Birth Center.



(916) 245-0046