Courtnee Booker | birth doula

Hello! My name is Courtnee and I am the heart behind Maiden Love Birth + Botanicals. Maiden Love was created from a place of deep love and reverence for the childbearing year; that special and sacred time where a Maiden blossoms into a Mother. Supporting women and their families during the childbearing year as both a doula and herbalist is my life's greatest passion. I want YOU to have a birth experience that makes you feel like a goddess; loved, respected, and POWERFUL!

As your doula I will fiercely guard your sacred birth space and walk beside you as you usher your baby earthside. I will offer you unwavering, holistic support throughout your journey by tuning into your individual needs and providing you with natural methods and evidence-based resources to make your pregnancy, birth, and babymoon a joyful and empowering experience!

Maiden Love is unique in that we support our clients throughout the childbearing year in a holistic and woman-centered manner that far exceeds just her birth experience. My doula partner and I have advanced training in optimal fetal positioning, homeopathy, rebozo, placenta encapsulation and botanical medicine.

These powerful, natural, and safe modalities can be extremely helpful in combating common discomforts during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Together we have served families in various birth settings and believe that pregnancy and birth are sacred, beautiful, and empowering!

If you are committed to investing in your birth story, I would love to chat!