Courtnee Booker | birth doula

Hello there! My name is Courtnee Booker and I am the heart behind Maiden Love Birth and Botanicals. I believe that birth is so much more than pushing out a healthy baby. Every birth story is unique and you deserve to feel supported in both body and spirit as you transition from maiden to mother regardless of how you CHOOSE to birth your baby. I am dedicated as both a doula and herbalist in easing this transition by providing the families I serve a balanced blend of holistically minded and evidence-based resources.

After experiencing the transformational power of birth first hand and chatting with other new moms about their birth experiences I began to realize that there was a major gap in the level of support and care women often experience during this time of amazing physical and spiritual growth. The more birth stories I listened to, the more passionate I became about becoming an advocate for women and their childbearing experience. Every birthing person deserves kind, informed, and unbiased support as they navigate their options surrounding their care as they grow, birth, and nurture their baby.

I have had the great honor to complete my training in Botanical Medicine under Aviva Romm, a legendary midwife, herbalist, and holistic physician. I completed my holistic doula training in 2016 through Birth Arts International. In addition to my foundation in both herbalism and birth work, I have completed advanced training in optimal fetal positioning. Utilizing both rebozo and Spinning Babies™ techniques, my clients are able to have more comfortable pregnancies and birth experiences. These gentle and effective modalities are useful in all birth settings whether you choose to have a medicated or unmedicated birth.

The birth of your baby is a monumental moment in your family’s story. I'm here to walk beside you as you explore your options and craft a birth experience that you will remember fondly as you journey into motherhood.