Courtnee Booker | herbalist

Maiden Love Birth and Botanicals was created from a place of deep love and reverence for the childbearing year; that special and sacred time where a Maiden blossoms into a Mother.

During this season of life many of us experience a stronger connectedness to nature and feel drawn to plant remedies as we seek out gentle and non-toxic ways to promote a healthy and joyous pregnancy. Unfortunately, many care providers have limited knowledge on botanical safety during the childbearing year. As a result, women may feel conflicted about using herbal preparations during this time and turn elsewhere for relief.

Maiden Love is here to change all of that! Together we can explore pregnancy and lactation friendly herbal remedies that not only tackle common pregnancy discomforts but also increase your sense of vitality and overall wellness as you embark on the incredible journey of motherhood.

Before becoming an herbalist, I received my bachelor's in anthropology from San Diego State and practiced as a holistic doula and birth photographer. I have a deep passion for birth work, but an even deeper drive to create a healing space where women can explore their own health and well-being through the use of botanicals tailored to their unique history and needs.

I have had the great honor to train under Aviva Romm, a groundbreaking midwife, herbalist, and functional medicine doctor who has been helping women take back their health for over 30 years! Following in her footsteps I approach each client interaction with an open heart and mind. I am here to listen to your unique story and offer integrative approaches to help you achieve your pregnancy goals!

Please visit my website to learn more about my practice, schedule a personalized herbal consult, or shop my mama friendly apothecary!