Christiana Arno

My name is Christiana, I am a wife to my high school sweetheart, and mother to two beautiful little girls. I am on this path because I believe our culture, as a whole, has abandoned the art of being a woman; that most are unaware that the power of the whole universe is within them. Women can build an entire human being, love this new person without even seeing his, or her, face, and will do anything for something so small and perfect, yet somehow still find themselves powerless. 

I believe in the cultivation of empowerment. By guiding each mother to trust what stars shine within themselves, they are able to feel confidant in raising a person in this beautiful world, and to allow that child to grow up, to change, make life better, and full of love, because they were raised by someone that was able to use the power of love to grow a person higher than themselves.

Christiana Arno


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