chloe mick | Birth Doula

My name is Chloe Mick. Originally from Sonoma County my husband and I have lived in Sacramento since 2012. We welcomed our son into the world in October of 2017. We cherish the experience of his birth and the women that encircled me to make it possible.

I have always had an interest and passion around pregnancy witnessing those of my mother and aunts as a young adult and further the births of siblings and cousins. As I found myself called more and more to birth work I decided to professionally pursue it in 2016 completing my childbirth doula training through DONA International as well as receiving training to offer breastfeeding support. Since immersing myself in this work I began to have a deeper understanding that a healthier society begins with happy, well nurtured mothers and babies. My desire to help women in our community grew.

I have discovered through my own personal experiences as well as working with women just how powerful our minds are when it comes to our overall health and strength as it pertains to our birthing journey and beyond. I believe that information and educating oneself is vital to the trust we have in our own bodies to do the work of labor and birth. We can achieve an empowering and fulfilling experience by replacing our fears with the knowledge that our bodies are capable and made to do this. I also believe strongly in the power of women supporting women especially in such a vulnerable and transformative time in life.

Knowing your options, exercising your rights and having the guidance and support of a compassionate companion can make all the difference in your experience. I want to be there to help you and your partner honor this transition by creating a harmonious, loving environment, offering physical and emotional support throughout the process to give you the birth you envision.



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