Catherine O’brien | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Having a baby changes everything. My name is Catherine O’Brien and I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist, author, and educator, and the founder of I provide counseling and coaching for new and expecting parents, facilitate courses to help parents manage expectations of parenthood, cope with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (like postpartum depression and anxiety), as well as understanding developmental milestones of infants and children.

I found my true passion after giving birth to my first child and realizing that, even with a strong relationship, adding a beautiful little baby really rocks your world.

I am married to my "perfect" partner and a mother of a 2. As a wife, mother, and business woman, I know what it's like to be a parent that is overwhelmed, exhausted, and doubting my competency. My life's work is all about enabling moms to look at their own lives with the same compassion and unconditional love that they so generously give to their families.

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