cassie ray | doula in training

Congratulations on your pregnancy and such an important time in your life. A time where you will experience such a whirlwind of emotions. Where what you want, and how you want to experience birth should be valued, honored and supported.

My name is Cassie a birth doula trained thru DONA & Cornerstone Doula Trainings. I also offer placenta encapsulation & postpartum doula and meal services. I am very passionate and use a holistic approach in my Doula practice. I have training in use of essential oils, homeopathy, the rebozo, and believe in utilizing these approaches as well as other holistic approaches during pregnancy labor and beyond.  

After the birth of my first daughter Scarlet, I realized how much of a gap there is between the expecting family and the providers. Between that and my general passion for birth and serving others I dove into birth work. Hazel, my second daughter taught me how being educated and supported you can have the birth you desire. I want to help other families to prepare, educate and get what they want on this powerful journey to parenthood. There is a need for birth support in our community, and I want to be there to support families of all backgrounds, beliefs and walks of life.

I am very passionate about serving others. I am the volunteer doula coordinator for  Sacramento Kindness Campaigns refugee program. With the help of other doulas we support families who have come here as refugees, to have memorable birth experiences and become familiar with the American birth culture. It is an honor to help these families and welcome first generations.

I have also recently been accepted as a volunteer doula at Sutter Davis Birthing Center and volunteer as a doula there. 

As a doula, my wish is for mothers and their partners to have a beautiful, memorable and powerful birth and postpartum experience. I want to support you in awareness and education, encourage you in confidence and surround you with care, respect and doula love.

I look forward to meeting and connecting with you and hope to provide light and hold space for your family.