cassie ray | doula in training

Congratulations on your pregnancy and such an important time in your life. A time where you will experience such a whirlwind of emotions. Where what you want, and how you want to experience birth should be valued, honored and supported. That is my mission at Essentially You. For your birth journey to be powerful and beautiful. Just as it should be.

My name is Cassie Ray and I am a doula in training finishing my certification with DONA International & Gena Kirby's rebozo training. In additon, I offer placenta encapsulation & post partum services. I am an essential oil educator and love offering up my knowledge to my clients who are open to using essential oils as an alternative during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

After the birth of my daughter Scarlet, I realized how much passion and amazement I had for the entire pregnancy & birth process, and knew it was my calling to become a doula. I was blessed to be able to spend the last few years at home nursing, being a nanny and educating myself on all things birth and baby.

I want to help other families to prepare, educate and get what they want on this powerful journey to parenthood . There is a need for birth support in our community, and I want to be there to support women of all backgrounds, beliefs and walks of life.

I am passionate about helping others and am the volunteer doula for Sacramento Kindness Campaigns refugee program. I help these families who have come here to have memorable birth experiences and become familiar with the American birth culture. It is an honor to help welcome these first generations.

My wish is for mothers and their partners to have a beautiful, memorable and powerful birth and postpartum experience. I want to support you in awareness and education, encourage you in confidence and surround you with care, respect and doula love.

Cassie Ray