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Since our inception our goals for the collective have been:

  • To bring awareness and education regarding the many benefits of having a doula attend your birth and serve you postpartum.

  • To inform the community about the many choices women and families have during pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum.

  • To create a community to share information, expertise, and support one another and lastly, to match any birth professional with clients who desire and need them.

These many goals are achieved by having both monthly meetings for our members and various events for the public. 

One of the best ways we bring education and awareness of the role and benefits of a doula to the public is through our LOW COST Meet the Doula events. We also partner with other professionals to offer a variety of educational opportunities that will be listed on our community calendar. We also post events hosted by our members such as postpartum groups and a variety of childbirth courses. 

Check out our calendar throughout the year as events are added monthly. We will also post updates on our Facebook Page.