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Conscious Parenting class by Abby Miller

Initiation Into Conscious Parenthood Series

In this two day weekend class series meeting on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, you will define your hopes and expectations for parenthood. The purpose of this series is to prepare you for the emotional pitfalls of new parenthood or parenthood at any stage. The classes explore how your childhood wounds and unfinished business affect the quality of your parenting experience. The goal of the series is to help bring awareness to unconscious patterns that are causing you and your child distress. With awareness, new options and choices become available, allowing you to parent in peace.

The series is for new and seasoned parents but is also excellent preparation for expecting parents.

Topics include:

-Hopes, Expectations, and Fears 
-Defining Parenthood 
-The Parenting Wheel of Incapacity and Capacity 
-Developmental stages 
-Disrupted Initiations 
-Fulfilling the Initiation Cycles 
-Shifting Identities 
-Understanding Co-dependency, Counter-dependency, and Inter-dependency 
-Healing Childhood Wounds & Unfinished Business 
-Releasing Shame & Loving Yourself 
-Compassion as a Bridge

Cost: $150 per person or $280 per couple.

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About Abby Miller

Abby Miller holds a Master's degree in Human Development Counseling and is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Registered Addiction Specialist. She comes to Sacramento Baby Space with extensive experience working with families, couples, and parents. She has coordinated parenting and family therapy programs in residential and outpatient settings where she developed curriculum, taught parenting classes, led family groups, and provided counseling to families, parents, couples, teens, and children.

Because of her own fears and struggles around parenting, Abby is passionate about working with parents from all walks of life: Those considering becoming parents, adjusting new parents, and those seasoned on the path. Her classes provide emotional support, insight into struggles, and a safe space to explore and heal the personal effects that parenting has on your life.