Capital City Doulas and Midtown Lactation Consultants present 

"How to Breastfeed Like a Pioneer Woman"

Next date is TBD

Come and join Capital City Doulas and Midtown Lactation Consultants Bethany C. Sasaki, RN, IBCLC and Alisha E. Lee, RN, CLEC as we learn what to expect in the early days of breastfeeding with a simple, low-intervention and practical approach.

To be covered:

  •      Infant self attachment
  •      The first hours and days, weeks and months of life
  •      Hospital boobie-traps
  •      Emergency back-up plans for breastfeeding gone wrong
  •      Laid-back positioning
  •      Milk supply
  •      Nipple pain
  •      Going back to work  

All participants will go home with a personalized Breastfeeding Plan to bring to the hospital, just like a Birth Plan

Registration information will be posted HERE as the next event is scheduled!