angelina valentin | doula, Childbirth & Newborn Educator, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

I'm Angelina Valentin (but you can call me Angie-Pie) and I'm so glad you found me!

For the past 10+ years I have been dedicated to helping women and their new families find confidence and feel well-supported as they transition into new-baby-dom. That's right. I help people like you do something like this - and I LOVE every minute of it!

Sometimes families need me most as a Birth Doula where I come to you during pregnancy to help you navigate and prepare for the type of birth you want. As your Birth Doula I come to you as soon as you need me and stay with you until after your baby is born and you are settled in. I think you'll love some of the perks I've included in my Birth Doula package.

Others really need a thorough, modern childbirth education or newborn baby care class. I offer both of these classes privately in your home, either separately or as one intensive combo class. I absolutely love leading these fun, upbeat classes that are chalk-full of need-to-know, current information. I like to think of my classes as a melting pot of several popular techniques so you get the best of everything and can choose what techniques to use for your birth.

Lastly, I process placentas for some folks. It's not right for everyone but a lot of women (including myself) have chosen to try placenta encapsulation to amplify milk supply, replenish your body with iron and hormones, and to ward off baby blues to name a few. Maybe you want placenta pills, smoothies, a meal, broth, or tincture. Whatever you fancy, I'm here to deliver phenomenal service including quick pick up and turn around.

So, how can I help you achieve the birth of your dreams??

Call or email me today so we can learn more about one another and see if we'd make a winning team. I can't wait to hear from you!