amy moy & Jennifer Kelley | childbirth educators

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Choosing the right childbirth class can really make a difference in how prepared you feel on your baby’s birth day. Our classes are engaging, thorough, and allow for plenty of time to practice labor coping skills – with extra emphasis placed on relaxation.

The Cornerstone Method of Childbirth Education represents a paradigm shift in childbirth preparation. The method was developed by a doula and a midwife and draws upon many years of combined direct service experience.

Our system works for all families regardless of structure, identity, or birthing location. In our 20 hour course (8 two and a half hour classes on Wednesday nights, or 4 four and a half hour classes on Saturday mornings),  you will become engaged with the birth process, get informed about your birth options, and leave empowered to achieve the birth experience you’ve been dreaming of!

Cornerstone offers an integrated method that engages your body and mind through 8 special birth senses:

  1. Body Awareness: Understand the process of birth and all of the amazing changes that you will   be encountering during pregnancy. Gain easy to use tools to care for yourself and your baby throughout the childbearing year;
  2. Sight: Create your birth vision and map the route to its destination;
  3.  Sound: What you hear during pregnancy and birth affects the outcome;
  4. Breath: Learn to use the breath for nourishment, relaxation, and pain relief;
  5. Touch: Learn how to use touch to relieve pain and discomfort;
  6. Smell: Simple ways to use scents and aromatherapy to aide in easing nausea, exhaustion, and discomfort;
  7. Voice: Speak up for your needs! Learn about how to ask questions of your care providers to get the information you need to make informed decisions; and
  8. Joy: Find freedom and joy in your body, pregnancy, and birth experience.

Our role as your course leaders is to: provide modern, evidence based, culturally competent, and thorough instruction; deepen your understanding of your options with unbiased information to aide in making informed decisions; demystify pregnancy and birth with easy to understand descriptions of anatomy and physiology; instill healthy habits during pregnancy with up to date nutrition and exercise instruction; engage participants by using group exercises and games to enhance learning and community building; prepare you for varied birth scenarios in all settings; and enhance your understanding of the prenatal and post birth parent/baby connection and provide tools for deepening the bonding process.

All classes are taught in a comfortable living room setting on the Sacramento/Carmichael border (I-80 side). Space is limited to five families, so contact us today to reserve your spot!